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Love & Relationship Workshop

A workshop encouraging you to reconnect with your heart and improve relationships.  


Understand the healing power of love.


Practice forgivness and gratitude.


Attract and maintain healty relationships.


Help mainatin a strong physical heart.


Improve your immune system.


Reduce inflammation.


Connect with the breath, mindfulness.


Reduce stress and feel in control of your life.


Feel calm and at ease with yourself and those around you.


We will be using the sacred OM tuning fork to connect and balance the chakra system, 528hz tuning fork, known as the love frequency/ DNA repair to deepen further your connection with your heart chakra and the 128hz to bring harmony to your very being.  Learn basic mudra (hand gestures) and mantra to cleanse and harmonise the heart chakra when you are on the go.  (you dont need to sing mantra, you can repeat in your head).


and to finish your day I will guide you through meditation, connect you with heart chakra crystals and sooth you in a gentle sound bath.



Sunday 30th July 2017.


10am - 4.00pm


Merlin Centre


St. Austell.


PL27 7JF


Cost of your day



A soup lunch is provided along with a selection of beverages.


£30.00 deposit required at the time of booking.


balance required by 1st July 2017


Please feel free to contact me if you require further details.


Early Bird Discount £10.00 off.


use promo code love3 at the checkout.