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Throat Chakra

Vishuddha (pure) Sense Hearing.


A circle of 16 lavender or smoky purple petals surrounding a silver crescent and white circle of the full moon. It is the centre of purification, connected to planet mercury, (for communication) When mercury is in retrograde, this happens about 3 – 4 times a year, communication becomes very difficult.  Singing & chanting are positive ways of clearing the chakra.  It is believed that the first molecule of the universe was created by the vibration of sound and that all the elements that created our planets manifested from this vibration.  It represents ether, where all the elements dissolve into a refined essence of cosmic sound, just like the gong.


Physical location. Cervical vertebras at the bottom the skull. Front of body: in the hollow of the collar bone.


Tatva . Ether.


Sound vibration.  Ham.


Angelic Michael


Connected to the nervous system & metabolism


Endocrine. Thyroid & parathyroid.


Mantra. Sa. Ta. Na. Ma. Means infinity. Life. Death and rebirth.


Subtle body. Etheric template, it exists before the physical body is formed.  


Essential Oil. Camomile, clary sage, black pepper, geranium.


Crystals. Malachite, sodalite, blue lace agate, turquoise, labtadorite.


Balanced.  Good communication, always speaking the truth, being able to express yourself clearly.


Unbalanced.  Fear of judgements, speaking to bluntly, shyness, frustration, insecurity, lethargy, cunning.


The mantra Ra ma da sa, sa say so hung, is a healing mantra; it is like a rare diamond.  It sends a message to the universe so it can shower you with its healing energy.