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Third Eye

Ajna (Command) Colour indigo.


Two petals of luminescent pearl blue within a white column.  This chakra controls mental process and psychic ability.  It is where the male and female energies meet. (Ida & pingla.) Our physical eyes give us depth in the physical world, while the third eye gives us depth in the subtle world. Also provides our intuition.  (6th sense) A lack of personal discipline can close this chakra.  


Physical Location. Between the eye brows.  


Sound Aum/OM.


Angelic.  Raziel.


Connects with the ears, nose and throat.


Endocrine. pituitary/master gland.


Mantra.  Sat nam.  Truth is my name. It is the seed mantra, OM.


Subtle Body.  Celestial, the emotional level of the spiritual plane. When we raise our awareness to this level we are allowing a connection from the third eye to the heart chakra, allowing not only love but also divine love for our fellow man.


Essential Oil. Camomile, jasmine, neroli, rosewood, basil, lemon, mandarin.


Crystals. Lapiz Lazuli, fluorite, celestite.


Balanced. Caring, visionary, intuitive (sixth sense), realistic goals and understanding your direction in life. Inner sight and clarity when concentrating.


Unbalanced/blocked. Confusion depression, tiredness, rigid thoughts and rejection of spirituality.