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The Chakra System

The chakra system consists of seven major Chakras, situated along our spine.

Each Chakra is connected to a specific part of the endocrine system (the hormonal system within the body)


Each chakra has a designated colour, the colours of the rainbow as you move up the chakra system each chakra vibrates a little faster.


Starting at the Base chakra, it is situated at the bottom of your spine. It is associated with eliminating toxins and keeping our feet on the ground. Its colour is red and it vibrates at a slow speed.


The Sacral chakra, is orange and situated in the arch of the spine it is associated with creativity. It spins a little faster.


The Solar plexus is yellow and is situated just under the ribcage. It is associated with fear and our feeling of happiness.


The Heart chakra is situated in the centre of the chest; it is pink and green. It is associated with our feelings of love.


The Throat chakra is situated at the voice box and its colour is blue. It is associated with our voices and our ability to speak clearly.


The Third eye is situated between the eyebrows, its colour is indigo and it’s associated with our mental process and psychic ability.


The Crown chakra is situated at the top of the head, its colour is violet and it’s associated with all the process and actions of the body.