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Spinal Advanced Reflexology

Spinal advanced reflexology is a specialist technique to help relieve the pain associated with trapped nerves, muscle spasm, back ache, sciatica and similar conditions such as aching muscles, hip pain and pins and needles.  


The Treatment


The approach with spinal reflexology differs slightly too traditional reflexology; the basis of the treatment is the realignment of the skeletal system, mainly the spine, hips, sacro iliac joint, knees, neck and shoulders.  I use a unique variety of reflexology techniques to release tension and tight muscles along the spine reflex and ‘working’ the associated reflex points in the feet; this specialist reflexology then allows the nerves to perform at their optimum which in turn reduces your pain.  


Treatments are all carried out with my normal reflexology approach, using my own products and foot sprays.


Treatment time approx 60 mins. Cost £35.00


Depending on how long the problem has been with you will reflect on how long it will take to ease, so more than one treatment may be required.


You can help the process by yoga stretching between appointments.