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Sound Therapy


Everything on this planet, in the universe has a vibration, each of us, every cell and molecule has a vibration, liquid has a vibration, even stone has a vibration.


When our vibration is low, we say i’m feeling a bit low today, we are not at ease with ourselves or our surroundings and when we are not at ease, we are in a state of dis-ease, which is exactly what happens, we become poorly.  This may be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.


The cause can be many things, but most of the problems we experience are caused by  stress, things not going right and stress is one of the major factors for reducing our vibration.


Raising our vibration promotes, inner healing, and  brings balance to our lives and when we are balanced we are at ease with ourselves and our surroundings.


One of the great ways of raising our vibration is the use of sound, especially tuning forks.  There are many different sounds created with tuning forks and each sound or frequency is used to re-tune and harmonise you.  This is carried out by balancing the chakras and improving the auric circulation.


Tuning forks are an effortless way of empowering change in our lives.  Their ancient tones spiral around a still point.  When we hear them, we are drawn to a neutral state and our bodies shift into a new tone and vibration.


The fundamental basis of a sound healing, is to put the body in to a neutral state,  (still point) and change the energy field (Aura) to release unwanted behaviours, for example anxiety or stress, allowing a greater sense of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being.


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