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Solar Plexus

The wheel of the spiritual warrior.

Manipura (city of gems) Colour yellow.  Sense Sight.

Ten luminous petals surrounded by a downward pointing red triangle.


This centre is linked to the heart centre and sacral chakra, when blocked or unbalanced love cannot connect with sexual functions.  It is also connected to your emotions, how you feel about yourself.  It contains our ego, when this chakra is balanced we can use our willpower to inspire others, empowerment.  When it is blocked or unbalanced we use our will power to have power over others, interfering with their freedom of thought and manipulating choices.  


Physical Location. Spine 12th Thoracic & 1st lumber vertebrae.  Front of body between the navel and rib cage.


Subtle Body.  Mental, contains all our thoughts & mental process.


Tatva. Fire.


Sound vibration. Ram.


Angelic.  Jophiel.


Connected to the gall bladder, stomach, liver and nervous system.


Endocrine. Pancreas, the islets of langerhans which secrete insulin.


Mantra Har/hari.  This mantra is used to balance the lower triangle of chakras, providing a sound base of support for the upper triangle.  A steady base just like the roots of a tree, when grounded it allows the branches and leaves to flourish, imagine your ‘tree of life’.


Essential Oil.  Lemon, clary sage, sandalwood, patchouli, lemongrass and marjoram.


Crystals.  Fool’s gold, amber, yellow jasper, sunstone, yellow calcite, tigers eye, citrine.


Balanced.  Willpower, developing new skills, happiness.  Considerate. Strength for inner balance. Confident.


Unbalanced. Conforming to be recognised, mood swings, depression, lethargy, poor digestion, anger, greed and shame.


If you suffer with poor digestion, it can suggest that you are having difficulty ‘digesting certain elements in your life’.