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Reiki is a Japanese technique, discovered and refined by Dr Mikao Usui, it was further developed by Chujiro Hayashi, believed to be one of last reiki masters trained by Dr Usui, it was eventually brought to the west by Hawayo Takata who initiated twenty two reiki masters.


The twenty two masters have cascaded the amazing benefits of reiki, allowing its energy to become a part of our western holistic culture.


The essence of reiki is to channel the universal white light healing energy, also known as chi or prana to the chakra system allowing the body to adjust to its own specific healing pattern.



For a reiki treatment you will remain fully clothed and made too feel warm and comfortable, treatments can take place lying down or sitting in a chair.  


The basis of a reiki treatment is to release, replenish and rejuvenate the chakra system.  Over time blockages can accumulate in the chakras which can lead to issues with the mind, over thinking, mindless chatter and anxiety,  dis-ease with the physical, emotional and spiritual self can also arise.


The chakras can also hold karmic, ancestral and past life patterns.


By placing my hands on specific points of the body and channelling the reiki energy I can release the blockages within the chakras, the treatment is further enhanced by the use of reiki symbols allowing the body to rest in its own still point, which means the body calms to a point where your breathing, heart and cranial systems relax allowing the reiki to work at a much deeper level.


Reiki is a very versatile treatment; it is used for personal and distance healing.  It can help heal past and future events.  Reiki energy is used to release unwanted or unbalanced energy in the home or workplace; it is also used to help heal our beloved planet and Mother Earth.