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Indian Head Massage


My Indian Head Massage treatments, are unique and versatile,   I use the Ayurvedic System of traditional oils, chakra balancing and aromatherapy oils.  



Treatments  vary from a stress buster  or a neck, shoulder, head and face massage, to a full Indian head treatment, which involves coating and massaging oil into the hair and scalp followed by neck, face & shoulder treatment.  


The face massage is a mini facial, using products free from SLS and parabens to cleanse and tone the skin, to complete the facial massage I will use an oil such as macadamia, enhancing your experience with essential oil if desired.  


Oil applied to the head is absorbed into the root and hair shaft, giving strength to the hair and improving it’s over all appearance and also helps with scalp disorders such as brittle hair and dandruff.


Indian Head Massage was brought to this country in the 1970s by Narendra Mehta. He took the traditional Indian Head Massage and coupled it with a shoulder, neck, upper arm & face routine; giving us what we now understand as an Indian Head Massage. A full Indian Head Treatment uses the traditional Ayurvedic system of oils & chakra balancing, aromatherapy oils and a range of Indian Head Massage techniques.


The head, neck and shoulders carry our stress, tension, worries & sometimes anger. The tensions we carry can show later as a stiff neck, shoulders, eye strain and sometimes hair loss.


Indian Head Massage works with a firm but gentle rhythm to help clear blockages and relieve the build up of stress and tension. It not only helps our physical wellbeing it also supports our emotional & spiritual happiness, nurturing our sense of calm, relaxation & inner healing.  









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