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Hot Stones


Hot stone massage is the most amazing therapeutic treatment for relaxing and soothing tired aching muscles and extra calming especially when aromatherapy oils are incorporated.


The stones are basalt, volcanic rock and heated in a specialised bag.  The stones are incorporated as part of the massasge and to further enhance the pleasure, placement stones are used along the back to help relieve tension and balance the chakras.  


I have had amazing results with hot stones; The  stones  will enhance relaxation, stimulate the organs for better toxin release and the heat penetrates deep into the muscle alleviating the tightness found mostly in the legs and back and breaks down knots usually found in the upper back.


I have also found that hot stones are great for people suffering from multiple sclerosis and similar conditions where heat helps the relief of the condition.  Almost everyone can benefit from hot stones, regardless of health or profession.


Promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation


Release toxins


Improves circulation


Great stress buster



Enhances a wonderful sense of well being and connection with mother earth.  








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A relaxed body


a healing person.