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Crystal Therapy


Crystal Therapy is another amazing treatment encouraging the release, replenish and rejuvenate action of the chakra system dropping us  into our own healing pattern allowing the release of  behaviours that no longer serve us, once this happens the crystals and vibration will replenish and rejuvenate the chakra system creating health and happiness.


Crystals, like everything in the universe vibrate, so certain crystals are used for certain chakras, although this is not set in stone and very often I will work with my intuition.


One method of treatment is to use corresponding crystals to chakras using colour or vibration, for example the base chakra is red, element (tatva) earth so I would use red or earthy type crystals placed on or close to the chakra.  The sacral chakra is orange, element the moon so I would use orange crystals or moonstone.


Another way of working with crystals is to use specific layouts for each chakra, for example if we wanted to clear and cleanse the heart centre I would use a specific crystal pattern  placed on or around you to release, replenish and rejuvenate.


We can also clear the aura and chakras using crystal wands which is a very calming way of clearing blockages, if you are very new to vibration or energy work this is often a good place to start a treatment, it allows you 'feel' the subtle energy shifts before I incorporate the release, replenish rejuvenate part of the treatment.


Crystals carry their own vibration, some higher than others so if you are new to crystal therapy it is wise to start with subtle energy crystals.   Once the body has integrated the vibration from a previous session/crystals/vibration, I would start incorporating the higher vibration crystals which creates the release, replenish and rejuvenate cycle at a much deeper level.




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