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Crown Chakra

Sahasrara (formless) Colour violet. The thousand petal lotus.


It is the centre of our pure conscious; it rules all the process & actions of the body.

It is the link between our divine wisdom & the universe. It is the location where the kundilini energy leaves our physical body and connects us to the energies of the universe. This connection helps us find answers and direction.  We all have access to this inner knowledge; we just need to know how to ‘tap’ into it.  A sound, balanced chakra system can hold the key to this inner knowledge and wisdom.


Physical. Top of the head


Sound vibration ‘nng’ (visarga, sending forth) or OM.


Angelic.  Zadkiel.


Endocrine. Pineal.


Connects with the brain and co ordination.


Mantra. Wahe Guru. The mantra of ecstasy. Elevates the spirit.


Subtle body.  ketheric. This is the mental level of the spiritual plane. Knowing that we are at one with the universe.


Essential Oil. Ylang Ylang, palmarosa, juniper berry.


Crystals.  Amethyst, lemon quartz, selenite, citrine, clear quartz.


Balanced. Respecting and loving life, Free from negative attachment. Understanding your place in the universe, the inner connection. Feelings of bliss and peace, knowing that all is has it should be.


Unbalanced/blocked.  Frustration, depression, argumentative & anti social.