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Chakra Frequency & Treatment


For this treatment I use the full range of chakra forks.  Beginning by dowsing your chakra system to check for any blockages or unbalanced energy.  Each chakra is re-tuned with each fork so it aligns with the aura.  The sounds will allow you do drop into your own still point or neutral state, when this happens we are open to receive the healing frequencies that will create the flow needed to connect each chakras energy.  When we connect the chakra energy we release and receive allowing our bodies to rest repair and rejuvenate. After the treatment you may feel lifted and free from the trappings that can cloud the mind.  This in turn will allow clarity of thinking and aid your own internal body systems to function at an optimum level.



                                                                    Chakras and frequencies


Chakra                                                                    Frequency                        Correspondence  or Planet


Earth star                                                                 68.05 Hz                           Low OM

Root/base                                                              194.18 Hz                          Earth Day

Sacral                                                                      210.42 Hz                          Synodic Moon

Solar Plexus                                                           126.22 Hz                          Sun

Heart                                                                       136.10 Hz                          Earth year/mid OM

Throat                                                                     141.27 Hz                          Mercury

Third eye                                                                 221.23Hz                           Venus

Crown                                                                      172.06 Hz                          Platonic year

Soul purpose                                                          272.20 Hz                          High OM


The low and High OM are one octave above and below the middle OM


The Earth Star Chakra is situated between the feet and physically connected by the nerve endings in our feet.  The Earth star is our connection from the stars to the earth.  It is our first step towards enlightenment.  I often feel the connection is like an anchor that keeps us from floating away in our minds but gives us our sense of knowing of where we have come from. How we can return to the stars, with more knowledge and understanding then when incarnated.  After all we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.


The soul purpose chakra is an additional chakra, along with the Causal chakra, Star Gateway/Soul Star Chakra and known as the transcendental chakras situated above the head.  The soul purpose is situated about a hands length above the head.  It relates to your inner knowing that translates to guidance during meditation.  The time when you can ask yourself any question, because only you have the answer. This chakra to me is where the second part of the anchor is situated, holding us in light while we walk the earth.