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Chakra Energy and Kundalini

The Chakra System.  (Rotating wheel)  

There are seven major chakras, when the subtle energies meet (nadis) it creates a vortex or chakra, when the crossover happens in the midline of the body it creates a major chakra.    The chakras run along the physical spine, but also connects to the etheric subtle body (the duplicate of our physical body) via a stem which travels through the physical body producing a flower in the etheric subtle body. Which is where we normally balance the chakras via therapy.


It is believed that there are some 72,000 nadis throughout the body and auric systems.  The nadis carries prana (life force energy) into the chakras.  There are three main nadis, Ida, Pingala and Shushumna.  The base chakra is the meeting place of the three nadis.  This meeting place is known as ‘Shakti’ it is where the unmanifested kundalini energy rests.  The Ida is the on the left of our bodies and pingala on the right; shushumna is a direct channel through the centre.  Ida is the female, negative, moon energies, pingala, male, positive sun energies, the two nadis meet at the nose, left nostril for Ida and right for pingala.  When these energies meet it allows us to experience our individual union with the universe.


The kundalini energy rises through the shushumna nourishing and energizing the chakras.  The kundalini energy travels through the crown chakra connecting us to the universal white light energy.


If the chakras are blocked or unbalanced this interferes with the flow of energy, depriving the chakras of its vital life force which in turns leaves the physical body without all its nourishment to maintain a happy and healthy life.