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Base Chakra

Muladhara.  (Foundation) Colour Red.  Sense Smell.  Supports the whole chakra system.  

It is important this chakra is balanced with today’s busy lifestyles.  The build up of toxins and pollution can leave us feeling unhealthy and ‘run down’.   This chakra along with the sacral chakra is linked to elimination through the large intestine and lymphatic system.


4 petals around a red square representing north, south, east and west.


Physical Location.  End of coccyx. Where the kundalini energy is situated.

Also just above the pubis on the front of the body.


Tatva.  Earth.


Subtle Body.  Physical/etheric double. (duplicate of our physical body)


Sound Vibration.  Lam  


Angelic. Uriel.


Connected to the legs, feet, bones, large intestine, spine and nervous system.

Endocrine connection. gonads/adrenals.


Mantra. Har/Hari.  The creative aspect of infinity/ flow of creation in action.


Essential Oil.  Black pepper, sandalwood, rosemary, vetivert, marjoram juniper berry and rosewood.


Crystals. Blood stone, red jasper, tourmaline, haematite, black obsidian & Jet.


Balanced.  Courage, a strong will. Grounded and balanced behaviours. Confident. Caring.


Unbalanced/blocked.  Over powering, negative emotions, insecure and vulnerable. Critical of others. Constipation.


Being bullied or being open to excessive criticism can close this chakra.