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Ayurvedic Oils

The use of carrier oils are occasionally under estimated, oils such as sesame is highly recommended in Ayurvedic medicine and Indian Champissage it is also a favourite of mine.  I love working with this oil because it’s very warming and helps relieve muscular pains and stiffness.  It helps support the moisture of the skin and believed to keep the hair in a healthy condition, possibly delaying the onset of greying hair.  




Mustard oil is another favourite of mine, it’s not used as a standalone oil, but coupled with and lighter oil such as sesame or almond;  it has a pungent smell, but excellent for its warming effect on the muscles, it increases the body heat and excellent for reliving pains, swelling and aching muscles.


Coconut oil.  An absolute must for a full Indian Head Treatment.  It has a beautiful aroma, highly beneficial for the hair and contains nutrients, such as vitamin E, lauric acid and B1, 2 & 6 all excellent for repairing, protecting and boosting the hair condition.  Coconut oil, is an oil the hair just loves.   Wonderful for combining essential oils to complement any treatment.  


Sweet Almond oil, I tend to use in the summer, it is anti inflammatory, not necessarily an Ayurvedic oil but recommended because its qualities are very similar to that of coconut oil and suitable for general message.


Macadamia Oil, is not a traditional Ayurvedic oil, but a unique oil for use on the face, it is very similar to the oils in our skin (palmitoleic oil) and therefore very compatible, is excellent for dehydrated and mature skin, coupled with lavender or frankincense it truely makes an indulgent facial oil.  


Essential Oils


Dry/Damaged Hair.  Ylang Ylang, Rosewood & Sandalwood.


Growth.  Rosemary & Juniper.


Itchy Scalp.  Cedarwood or Lavender.


Dandruff. Patchouli, Orange,  Cedarwood  or Lavender.


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